Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big News!

I'm pregnant! Officially, today, 12 weeks.You can see the baby's right hand, and the thing sitting out of the tummy is the umbilical cord. We should find out the baby's gender in mid-November.

Last week, we got to hear the heartbeat, which was really fast and strong, 162 beats a minute, and then had an ultrasound to determine the due date, April 12th.

I'm really thankful that we've made it this far without any problems. Other than some fatigue, I'm feeling fine, and apparently, the next trimester will be even better. I really have gotten off easy so far. My doctor said that my fitness and exercise would probably help, since my blood sugar stays pretty steady, I shouldn't have too much nausea, which I haven't. I've kept running, and I'm going to try to do the 1/2 marathon in December. I have no idea if that will be possible, but the doctor said it would be fine. In my opinion, healthy mom, healthy I'll try. :-)

Anyway, we're really blessed and happy and can't wait to meet our little person. It's so long to wait!