Friday, May 9, 2014

Baby Giselle - Two Weeks Old

Baby stats:

At birth: 6 lbs 8 oz, 18 3/4 inches long. Apgar score: 9 (maybe even 10, according to my OB). And Baby Girl can eat! From her first feeding, she's had a good latch and a strong suck and has usually been able to stay awake for a good feeding. 

At her two week appointment yesterday, Giselle weighed 7 lbs 1.5 oz and measured 20 in, so she's gained 15.5 oz since her two-day appointment and an 1.25 inches since birth. The weight gain wasn't a surprise, since I'd been feeding her every 1-2 hours. The pediatrician said I can slow that down, and I don't mind if I do! But at first, I wanted to feed her as much as possible since there's always the worry that the baby won't gain enough weight and then there's the suggestion of supplementing with formula or the worry that the baby will "fail to thrive." Well, Piglet is certainly thriving.

As far as sleep goes, last night, Casey gave her the first bottle ever around 9:30, and then she slept until 12:30 to nurse, then 2:30, 5:30 and then 7:45. That's a good night, 3 feedings between bedtime and morning. There's been a few 5-6 feeding nights, but hopefully, not many more.
Channeling Mommy! Thankfully, I've had lots of help. My mom comes over every weekday, and Casey takes Indiana to school three days a week, so I haven't had much responsibility other than to feed and take care of baby. Overall, this recovery has been much, much easier. I kept running/jogging the entire pregnancy, so I was fitter going into the delivery room, and it's been easier to recover. I started back running after a week, which made Casey super-nervous, but I felt healed and ready to get back to "normal." I am certainly thankful to not be pregnant anymore! I even got to do the last track workout with my running group. I've gotten back to cooking and have been getting out lots more too. I felt guilty, initially, dragging a newborn out into the wide world, but I know that the cabin fever would make me crazy, so took the risk. I mean, I keep her in the car seat covered with a light blanket or in the baby sling, but Mama's got to get out!
Sleeping angel! She is so sweet and delicate and tiny. I love her little stretches when she leans back and pouts out her little lips. And her sweet round belly. And kissing her soft little face. She really is scrumptious. She's our Baby Girl.
Pensive little Piglet! It's hard to glean much of her personality at this point, but so far, I think she's a little bit easier of a baby than Indiana...knock on wood that she stays that way! People are saying that she looks like Indiana, which is perhaps true, but there are differences. She has my feet and my skull shape. I noticed because I was initially worried about her droopy little toe and a bump behind each ear, but then I realized I have the same little quirks. Indiana must have Casey's skull shape, and definitely has his hands and feet. They both have the same eyes, though. She has my hairline, and I spotted a few hairs getting a little curly in the back, so hopefully, she'll get my hair, like Indiana did. I love his crazy hair.
And not to be outdone, big brother! He's done pretty well so far with the new family dynamic. There has been some attention demanding behavior, a few more time-outs, but I think that's getting better too. With Gigi, though, he's been super tend. He wants to kiss her night-night or bye-bye, and if you ask him what he thinks about her, he'll say, "I love her." (Mommy heart melting!). Also, Casey's trying really hard to give him extra attention so that he doesn't feel left out. They were doing laps with their bicycles (inside the house!) yesterday, and Little Man loved it. He's also started swim lessons at the Landry Center to get ready for summer and has loved them. He's such a happy, good kid. I'm a lucky mama!