Monday, October 17, 2011

The Funny Faces of Indy

Indy's excited about Daddy's new iPhone.
Cabbage Patch Kid. We already have a picture of him with a mushroom and a this may turn into a series...Still Life with Indy. That cabbage leaf makes a proper little hat!
Casey put my goggles on him, completely accentuating those chubby cheeks!
And this one isn't funny, but it was his first time sitting in a restaurant high chair, and he's so sweet and little in it, I had to share. He really liked being up and with us at the table. It made it feel like the first of many meals as a family. So happy.

In other news, Sweet Pea has been a much more challenging sleeper this last month since he learned to roll over. Lots of turning over in the crib, losing his paci and then crying because he doesn't want to be on his tummy anymore, but can't figure out what to do. Goodness. And the 2-3 am feeding has returned. Casey and I tag team as much possible, and Casey is really sweet to help out with so much other stuff. But at work, I can definitely tell how my day will go, based on how much sleep I've gotten.

But he's learning so much and doing so many new things, that I'm not going to wish this season way. Just last night we watched him in the baby monitor do something new: take the paci of his mouth to play with it, and then put it back in the correct way, repeat. I marveled at that advance in hand-eye coordination. It's fascinating to watch him understand and experiment with the world around him. I love that little boy.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tiles and Floors and Counters, oh my!

Earlier this week, they finished up the indoor and outdoor paint.
This is the hardyplank on the side and back of the house. We picked a color as close to the brick color as possible and hoped it would blend. We would have loved to do it all in brick...but that would have cost 15 grand. Not worth it.

They also did the tile and counters inside.
The kitchen counters are quartz, which is almost as pretty and costs just as much as granite, but is much more durable and lower-maintenance. We agonized over that decision, but I think it turned out really pretty and will stay pretty for longer. I can't wait to get in there and cook!

They used the same tile from the floor for the kitchen back splash, and I think it looks nice. It will certainly be easier to clean than the paint and paneling in our current kitchen. They also did a little backsplash upstairs in the butler's pantry. Fancy.
Casey in his shower-to-be. It's really tall!
They did the upstairs bathrooms too. It's really starting to look like a house!

I can't wait to live there. I mean, wow. After seeing the paint and cabinets, really does look like a home. It's going to be the biggest, nicest, newest house that either Casey or I have ever lived in, and I can hardly believe that we're going to get to live there. More than anything, I'm so happy that Indy (and child #2 to be born in sometime in the future) will get to grow up there....and hopefully not turn out too spoiled!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Fun

Fall for us means football games and the Fair. So fun. We went to the to the fair last week, just Casey, Indy and I and then again with my parents yesterday. So glad we did...because it's just too fun to do just once.First, we watched the dog show and went to the petting zoo.
Casey, back with his nemesis....the biting camel. They made their peace. Casey made other friends as well.
(She's cardboard, if you can't tell.) Casey especially liked talking to all the vendors...we tried lots of samples, sat in $6000 massage chairs, watched cooking demonstrations, cut wood with super shears, got one hand and one shoe washed. Indy was great. He watched and napped and was generally his sweet self, despite being schlepped all over the Fair.

Then, we went to Waco with my parents. Glorious Waco. Casey and my dad went to some Baylor Law Alumni events, and we drove around a far amount (so Indy could nap!) to visit old haunts. We even went to a Baylor game...and the Bears won! That was awesome.
And Saturday morning, we did a 5 mile trail race in Cameron Park. It was beyond insane. Seriously, I can't believe they didn't have to airlift someone (like me!) out of there with a broken ankle/leg/neck. Steep up and downhill on gravel at best, fist-sized loose rocks at worse. Oh, and steel drop-offs on the edge of very narrow trails. Running down mountain bike trails like "Vortex"...and I ain't got wheels. But we survived, and even placed, both Casey and I, 3rd place in our age groups.
We recovered in time to go back to the Fair. Another cooking demonstration and the Doberman show, but this time some new stuff as well, like the Greenhouse on the Midway. Beautiful. I loved all the exotic plants, and the trains and miniature villages.I got to see a turkey! I missed seeing one last year. He was not as pretty as I remember. Seriously, yikes!
We even saw a yolding cowgirl puppet. Who knew such a thing existed?
And of course, the parade and cotton candy and Fletcher's corny dog. It was a great Fair. Can't wait for next year. ;-)