Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Indiana is 2!

Indiana turned 2 two weeks ago. Sweet boy, he just gets more and more fun to be around. Such an easy going, happy kid. He's crazy about trucks and dogs, especially Charlie. He loves being outside, going on walks in the wagon or runs in the stroller. He's both Casey and I's favorite running buddy, and he's got the farmer tan to prove it. I love watching him learn new things and new words. He's progressed to three word combinations, "Bye Charlie dog" and likes to count to two. Anything bigger than two is still two, though. I guess it's singular or plural. He still loves books. I come home most days to a huge stack of books that my mom has read to him that day, and I always read him a few more before bed. Tonight was Sandra Boyton's Snuggle Puppy and Doggies. His 2 year checkup went very smoothly. He's still on the skinny and small side, but consistently growing, so all is well.
We had his birthday party in the park, Construction Truck themed, as little man loves trucks above all things. I had construction trucks, signs, construction tape, cones, etc...which I took no pictures of. I saved most of the decorations to adorn the upstairs playroom which will eventually be Indiana's room. Hopefully, he'll still like trucks in a year.
I did take pictures of the caramel cupcakes, at least I've got priorities. They were yummy and a little something different.
The birthday boy, posing before the party. He got more trucks for his birthday...but he still wants "More trucks!"