Sunday, February 8, 2015

La petite Giselle : 9 months

Little miss turned 9 months two weeks ago, 1/24. At her check-up, she weighed 16.2 lbs (10%) and height 26.5 in (20%). So, she's a peanut. Otherwise, very healthy.
She sleeps about 14 hours at night, now in her crib, rather than in the swing, thankfully.
She naps once or twice a day and has five feedings, and LOVES eating solids.

That happy smile. Such a happy baby. She's been feeding herself pretty well since 7 months, and eats everything. She especially likes bright colored things, like veggies. She'll eat meat and plenty of carbs. But she mostly wants whatever we're eating. She'll hang out in the high chair pretty much as long as the food keeps coming!
She has a certain grunt that sounds like a dinosaur to tell us that she wants something. The Gigisaurus wants crackers! She's getting more in more verbal, though. She definitely knows Ma Ma, and it's sounded like she's said Da Da and even Gi Gi a few times. She's going to be talking before we know it.

What's up, peeps! She's getting really good at sitting up and can stand with support for several minutes, and will jump, jump in her exersauser. She's very curious, and loves grabbing and putting things in her mouth. She smiles all the time and loves being tickled. Her giggle is about the sweetest thing in the world. It cures all your ills.
Being silly with Daddy. He's so good with our little girl. She also makes an excellent 'Baby hat'!

I love you, baby girl. You are a treat.