Tuesday, December 25, 2012

3 months of Indiana pictures

 Reading books.

Since we hadn't posted an "Indiana with something funny on his head" picture in forever, this is it. Sadly, he doesn't permit us to put funny things on his head much anymore. 

At the State Fair. He liked the animals and the trains especially. 

Giant cookie...and he ate the whole thing. I chased him around jokingly trying to get him to share his cookie with me, he just laughed and ran away. 
Preparing to treat-or-treat. He was raiding the candy bucket we left out before heading out ourselves. 
He was quite a hit with the neighbors, even if Indiana didn't quite get what was going on...he wasn't sure if he was supposed to take the candy or give candy. But we all had fun anyway. 

Lots of playing in the kitchen. He loves playing with Casey's book lights. 

 Spent the night at his grandparents' house.

 Has issues with having his pants put on incorrectly.

Sleepy baby after lifegroup.

Surrounded by friends sitting in his Christmas present from Nana.


 Batman jammies. Batman likes cookies.

 This is the picture Casey sent to me right before the marathon. Sweet boy. I got to see him four times during the race. The only time I stopped was to kiss Sweet Pea.

 Indiana sampled the marshmallow cream when I was making marshmallows as Christmas treats.

 With Aunt Aubrey and Uncle Dustin at the Train at Northpark.

 IN the toy basket. And this is after opening Christmas presents...still, the box is more fun.