Friday, December 6, 2013

Ice Day

Despite my insistence that it wouldn't happen, school was cancelled. Work too, for Casey, by the power going off at his office.

We didn't go to the HP Christmas Tree Lighting or Tom's party Thursday night, since we didn't want to go out in the freezing rain, so we stayed home and made our own holiday party, decorating sugar cookies.

Indiana was very excited about getting to put on sprinkles. He helped cut out cookies too. There were a couple dinosaurs and trucks among the bells and gingerbread men.

 Mommy and Daddy were mostly excited about eating cookies...and taking pictures.


The next morning, the storm really did hit. Casey and I were awake at 4 am, listening to sleet/hail sliding down the roof. Casey went to work until the power went out.
Indiana and I bundled out and braved the elements to go around the block. Lots of crunching and a little slipping on the, ducking under branches weighed down with ice.
It's frozen out there! Thankfully, we're safe and warm inside, and we've had no power outages around here. But, we were almost out of bread, so I made some. It's a new recipe for Easy Sandwich Bread from Cook's Illustrated, and turned out perfectly. It took about two hours, and on a day like this, I don't think fresh bread could be found faster.

 Finally, we found out that the Dallas Marathon was cancelled. I was sad. Casey was happy. I think he would have been fine running the race, but was dreading doing it in bad weather. The race organizers probably made the right call, but as it was the last race of my Half Marathon training program that I've been doing since June, it was a little sad not to get to run it. Another year, I'm sure.
But to end on a good note, earlier this week, we had our 20 week sono, and got to see our little girl. Super exciting. She is just perfect, right on track, everything where it needs to be. We got some really cute pictures, too.

Sweet little profile. She was really cooperative on the picture taking, so we got good views of her heart, brain, spine. It was really nice to see how nicely she's growing. I've been feeling her move for the last month or so, but it was great to see those little feet I feel kicking and little arms I've felt stretching. I can't wait to meet our baby girl.