Monday, October 7, 2013

September Fun

It's been a good late summer, early fall. I miss running with them weekday mornings, but I'm enjoying training with them Saturday mornings. These guys and girls really motivate me.

This picture was before a 3 mile cross-country race. Jumping over hay bales before attacking a monster hill was a beast. Thankfully, normal running around the lake is hay-free. I had a really great run a few weeks ago when it was cool, finishing a muddy 14 miler really strong, despite slipping in the mud. Eh, I got back up and kept up the 7:28 pace (for 4 miles).
 Indiana is getting bigger, smarter and more fun. Sassier too. He had so much fun playing with Casey at the hardware store.
 He eats corn like a big boy, too. :-)
 Sampling mommy's baking.
 Being silly, riding on a tiny tractor.
 Cindy came into town to visit and baby sat Indiana while Casey & I chaperoned the homecoming dance.
 Indiana got a haircut, at his own request, and we had a lovely Sunday morning together last weekend.
During which, Casey raced and got 2nd place in the Stonebridge Olympic distance triathlon.