Saturday, April 25, 2015

Calling All Superheros: Indiana turned 4!

Indiana, this sweet, funny kid, turned 4 last Saturday. He is so happy. That's what his teachers always say about him. He's friendly and sweet-tempered. He loves cars and trucks as much as ever, but he likes playing super-heros, legos and puzzles too. He's becoming more independant and better at communication. At his 4 year appointment, he got a clean bill of health. 41 inches and 36 lbs, so 50% for height and 75% for weight! It's the first time he's been over 50% for anything. So, I guess I don't have to worry about him eating enough. :-)
 Saturday, we started the day at Mustang donuts, wearing his Happy Birthday shirt. Probably the last time he'll wear it...2T!
 Had some fun at the grocery store.
 The party was super-hero themed, and we had lots of good food. Fruit cups and Pirate Booty, chips and queso, burgers and hot dogs.
I even got a little super-man outfit for Gigi. She was too cute. With the kids being so close in age, I figured it would be okay to have one big party for both of them.
 I made cupcakes for Gigi, but she didn't even up eating them at the party.
 The Batman cake was more than enough. The kids liked it.
Everyone had a good time, especially Indiana. He was the life of the party. :-) I'm thankful for my busy, happy boy.

Giselle is 1!

Oh, sweet Gigi!
You are such a joy, little girl! You love being the center of attention and will smile and wave to admirers. You love your little Dorthey doll that fits in you hand. You love to play at clapping or reaching for something being dangled out of reach. It makes you giggle like crazy. And oh, the tickling! You have so many spots to tickle when I change into your jammies, we laugh and tickle and blow bubbles on your tummy. Your laughter could make the darkness bright.
We celebrated your birthday yesterday at home, and you had your first petit four and loved it.

You officially have 11 teeth, and are a great eater. And you are in motion! You love to pull up the standing. You cruise, belly crawl and sometimes full crawl, and if sitting, want to climb. You'll be walking soon. But not too soon, please, my darling Giselle.