Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adventures in life with a newborn:

Breastfeeding, really, what could be easier and more natural, right? Baby + boob = done, right? At 4 in the morning, he’s happily feeding one moment, then stops and starts shrieking with gusto with no apparent cause the next moment. And to compound the mystery, the best way to tell that he's getting enough to input is to inspect the eventual output. Yep, that’s means poop.

Another unexpected thing: 7-8 pound baby, adult-size flatulence. No one tells you that farts are one size fits all. It’s a mystery where he gets all that wind.

Holy Crap, Batman! What that in my baby’s diaper?!? No one told me that I would look forward to Grey Poupon in my baby’s diaper, but I do. Bright green slime = bad. Whole grain mustard = good, I think.

And, yes, there have already been blowouts. Thankfully, not on my shift! Casey had to resort to hosing down the baby the sink and drying with paper towels because that’s what he had at the office. Indy was not pleased. Casey neither. Also, he has not peed on either one of us yet. The mirror on his changing table, yes. Himself, double yes, but so far both parents are unscathed.

All this to say, what the heck am I doing?!?

Despite our cluelessness, I think things are going pretty well, with the credit mostly going to Indy’s easy-going temperament (knock on wood that he stays that way!). When he does fuss, the cause can usually quickly be found, and a lot of the time he either naps, or is calmly alert (he loves staring at lamps or faces) or cutely wiggling and chirping to himself. With his big round belly and skinny arms and legs, he looks just like a frog. A very cute, cuddly frog, of course.

Also, he has no problem accepting a bottle, as he took over for dad by bottle #2:He gets that independent streak from his parents.

Speaking of independent, now that he's a month old, he can be taken out in public more, so life is starting to find a normal rhythm. It's quite nice, actually. Usually each day includes a walk, perhaps a visit to the office to see Daddy and Grandpa, and other social engagements like Mommy & Me classes or playgroup or visits from Mamie Marie-Anne (Mamie is "grandma" in French, fyi). Gradually, I'm geting back to working out which is really fun, despite the hassle of coordinating life between regular feedings every 3 hours.

I went up to work last Tuesday so that my co-workers could meet the baby (all the previous new moms did it, so I figured it was the right thing to do), and I was really surprised about how much my new life has eclipsed the old. I'm sure at some point in time I'll want to go back to work, but I don't think I'll ever care as much about who's passing or not or whatever. I'm going to enjoy the time I have at home as full-time mommy as much as I can. So far, I'm loving it.

On a side note:

Even the fruit is breast-obsessed 'round here!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

1st Mothers Day

I've had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. My mom-in-law, Cindy, was kind enough to drive up from Georgetown to see the baby and to babysit for us. Definitely an amazing Mother's Day gift, unlimited babysitting! We definitely took every opportunity to do things we haven't done since Indy was born. Friday evening, we went to White Rock Coffee to listen to music and read books.

To celebrate the Meyers' mothers day, Cindy, Casey, Indy and I had a lovely brunch at Toulouse with Dustin and Aubrey. The restaurant opened up the front terrace, and it was so very French...even though we all had eggs...which isn't very French (at least not at 10am) and had a nice time walking around Restoration Hardware thinking of the beautiful furniture we would love to have in the future. This dining room table that is the one thing I want to buy for the new house. It's made from 100 year old salvaged pine. So much character. I imagine it with mismatched antique chairs, silver candelabras, and white pillar candles.

Saturday afternoon, we went thrift shopping (Garland Thrift is awesome for cheap clothes, but no place for a newborn). Casey got very bored while waiting for me to try on clothes and sought out the ugliest things he could find. He found lots, the above outfit only one of many. He also during our outing wore a red pleather beret, a safety yellow fishing hat, a used curly wig, Hawaiian shirt and a kid's wrestling helmet.

Saturday night we went out for a very special Mother/Fathers Day dinner. We went to Nick & Sam's Steakhouse and had the best restaurant meal ever. (Because my Nana's special fried chicken, creamy mashed potatoes, scratch made gravy and fresh corn remain the best thing I've ever had.)But this was a close second. We had their Oysters Rockefeller, delicate crab cakes, caviar, the amazing "Fred Flintstone" rib-eye steak with truffle butter, sauteed spinach, forest mushrooms, lobster mac & cheese (which was AMAZING...and I neither love lobster nor mac & cheese usually) and a yummy chocolate cake so large it could crush a car. I'm surprised I could still fit IN the car after all that good food. Once a year, I suppose it's alright. :-) The ambiance was lovely as well. It was such a treat.

Sunday we got to go to church, while Nana Cindy watched the baby. He was very good she said and slept most of the time.And finally, a message to the little one who made me a mom. Thank you so much for letting me be your mommy. I love being with you. I love the little squeaks you make when you sleep. I love kissing your sweet cheeks and stroking your soft hair. I love the little pouty face you make when you don't want to eat. I love your big blue eyes that stare and stare at faces and other things that interest you. I love that you love listening to your daddy read to you, even zombie books. I love taking care of you and feeding you, even at 3 in the morning. My favorite thing is when your tummy is full, you fall asleep, snuggling into my arms. Indiana, my sweetums, you are everything I ever wanted.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Two weeks

Indy is two weeks old today. :-) I went to my first Mommy & Me class at Baylor and weighed him, he's back at his birth weight. Woo woo! It's good to know that he's getting enough to eat and is on track. The Mommy & Me class was really good too. Each week they have a different speaker, which is great to be getting more info on taking care of him, plus it was great getting to talk to other new moms. I definitely need that.

Casey & I had a nice weekend and even got to go to church because Dustin and Aubrey babysat him for us. And it was fun getting to hang out with them as well. We are so lucky to have such a fun and supportive family.