Monday, December 15, 2008

A few observations on the 26.2

Here's a shot from the start. That was fun. Lots of cheering, whooping and confetti.

Along the race route, there were lots of volunteers and spectators handing out things, cheering, ringing bells, holding up signs. I even got some low-fives from some very cute little kids. But my absolute favorite water station was on a portion of the race where there are two hills called the Dolly Parton's. The large, hairy men at that station were passing out water wearing HUGE fake breasts and blond wigs. The desire to hug them was strong. I did not, but they made me happy in my soul as we were going up those hills.

On three separate occasions, people were giving away beer. I actually saw a few crazies take it. Of course, I saw a few people passed out on the ground, too. One of the beer giver-awayers also had free doughnuts and a sign saying "19 more miles to go!" Now, is that kindness, or sabotage, I ask? Lots were handing out good stuff...water, gatorade, cookies, orange slices, candy...but the beer remains a mystery to me.

So, if you missed us, this is a video of what it was like, for 26 miles. I'm the one in the light green tank and Casey is next to me in the red shorts. I was feeling really good by that time as the finish was in sight.


Darrah said...

congrats to you!!

Criss said...

I don't think I ever saw beer handed out at triathlons during the race, but it was always available after. I found it insane, but I think there's something about the carbs in the beer, and it's actually not bad to have a beer after an endurance event... can't remember the details. I still think there has to be a better way of getting those carbs (or whatever the beer gives).