Saturday, September 19, 2009

O..kla..HOMA where the wind goes...

And the mud is RED! Thankfully, all and everyone have been washed, and it's all gone. And after that shower, I felt like a million bucks.

This morning, pre-dawn, Casey and I were huddled under a pavilion with a bunch of other participants and spectators, hoping for the rain to stop and to hear that the weather was clear enough for the Redman Half Iron National Championships triathlon to go on.
Thankfully, it did. It's hard to tell, but Casey's the nearest one to the right, with his arms crossed. Anyway, it was really wet and muddy. And pretty miserable, until I went to Walmart, and purchased:These attractive rubber boots. I think they're fishing boots, and I got some funny looks at Walmart buying them, because I was still wearing my poncho, inside...but by that time, I was in full-attack mode. No rain was gonna get me, even inside. And I assure you, more than one spectator coveted these boots today. If you are too, there's still time to repent. ;-)
After that, it was a great day. I saw Casey finish the bike and twice on the run. Cheered lots. I think he had a really strong run and looked great out there. Even in a tri-suit onesie. I'm very proud of him. His finishing time wasn't a pr, but all things considered, he did great.
That's how fast Casey sprinted to the finish! Too fast to be caught on camera, literally!

Confession (this concerns port-o-potties, fyi): on the first visit, it was dark, and I was obviously trying to touch as little as possible and didn't realize that the lid was closed. So, I must admit that I am that horrible person that peed on the floor of the port-o-potty. It was me. I didn't mean to. And I even touched the lid to open it for the next person, in remuneration. To everyone else who used that potty today (definitely not me) I am very sorry.


Cindy said...

I laughed out loud when I read about the port-o-potty! That was so funny!
Congratulations to Casey! He always does a great job!

Magen Quiroz said...

ha! i laughed so hard when i read your "confession" it! and yay for casey!