Friday, November 13, 2009

Setting a Date

I scheduled the surgery for my knee for December 23. I've gone round and round, been hot and cold, but now is the time. I did the month of therapy, tried to go easy, but it's not getting better. Yesterday, I was limping going up and down stairs: the same thing I was doing in March after the initial injury. A healthy 28 year old shouldn't limp if it can be helped.

So, I'm having surgery. Don't want it but I'm back to where I was in March, and that's too long.

Also, we start a new term on Monday, and I'll meet my new French 1 students. I'm always a little nervous at the beginning of the term, and I'll miss Thursday, as I'm giving a presentation for teachers at Region 10 on using Technology in the French Classroom. It's interesting to be teaching other teachers, and I really do have ideas to share when in comes to technology, so I have it'll be productive.


nodnarb said...

Now I know who's coming in last place at the first annual Meyers Christmas obstacle course.

(I hope the surgery goes well and your knee feels better.)

Marci said...

Oh V, you poor thing....bah humbug! But at least you'll get waited on hand and foot at Christmas. Hope it goes well.