Thursday, July 29, 2010


Yesterday, we arrived in Germany. It wasn't the greatest flight experience...mostly because at our connecting flight they didn't know we were coming and our baggage claim was cancelled. So the lady told us flat out that our bags probably wouldn't come with us to Germany. Peachy. And our seats were split up, both stuck with the center middle seat. I've flown lots and never been stuck in the middle seat. I know that sounds bratty ("Daddy, I want an aisle seat! Right away!) but that's how I felt. On the bright side, the nice German man next to me volunteered to switch seats so Casey and I could sit together. And, on the super brighter side...our bags arrived with us! Woo hoo.
Since then, things have been great. The travel company picked us up at the airport with a private bus to our destination, Immendstadt Germany. Arrived at a clean, new hotel with our own (big) bathtub and two windows, one with a mountain (and bakery!) view. Prices aren't that bad and enough people speak enough English that we can communicate fine. The Germans have been very friendly and accommodating. We're with the rest of team USA, so there are plenty of folks to chat with.
This is where I went running this afternoon. Probably the prettiest run ever. I felt like I was in Runner's World on the "Great Places to Run" spread. Tomorrow, we're taking a couple hour bus tour in the country to see the 81 mile bike course for Casey's race. The countryside is so beautiful, so I'm looking forward to it.


nodnarb said...

Ich bin froh, euch hat es in Deutschland mit all dem Gepäck. Bring mich zurück bierstien.

Kelli said...

Glad you made it safely! Wish I could have been on that run with you!