Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dinner for 60

Tonight, our lifegroup made dinner for 60 people at a ministry in Oak Cliff called The Well that serves mentality ill and disabled people. It was incredibly fun and energizing. Seriously. And it was so good to take my eyes off of myself and my petty problems and help someone else for a little bit!

We had the use of a commercial kitchen, so with a few people cooking meat, a few chopping vegetables and a few others doing various other things, we easily got the food prepared and then could join the worship service. After, we served the meal buffet style. It was nice to look each person in the eye and ask them how they'd like their tacos and joke with them and treat them well. Many of them looked like the kind of person that a normal person (like me!) would avoid or be afraid to engage with because they didn't have everything together. But they're people, deserving of love and mercy, and capable of giving love and mercy in return. So many told us thank you and how blessed they were by the meal. And many were just excited about chips and queso and cookies. And that's good too. It was a fun night for all. :-)

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