Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little Man is mobile

It's been a few weeks that he's been really crawling. He mostly belly crawls, but he can get around pretty quickly.
Especially when there is something he wants to grab, like a camera or a computer. He also is cruising a little bit. Casey motivates him with crackers, and he'll slide to the right. The only problem is the dismount.

He makes the cutest little babbling noises...mostly b's or v's or w's...but I keep practicing mama, dada, Indy and ball with him, hoping he'll catch on. He's doing a little clapping and will wave bye-bye occasionally, too. Love it. And he giggles and smiles and plays. Sweet boy.

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Charlton said...

yay for crawling. I know I've made jokes about not wanting Meredith to crawl, but in reality, I love when they become more mobile! It's actually a lot of fun. He looks so so cute!