Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Indiana, almost two

A few new things Indiana has been up to:

Talking! All of the sudden, his vocabulary has jumped from a few favorite words: daddy, mommy, dog, cheese, etc., to tons and tons of words. New words constantly, and he can communicate with those words. Not just "more" but "lots more" or "shirt" with "back" e.g., pull my shirt down my back, with vigorous head nods once said shirt is fixed. He's a little sponge soaking up vocabulary and comprehension. He shocked Casey and I by saying the words in a book, Peek-a-Who, before we did. "Peek-a..." "Choo-choo!" Except the zoo page, that was "Peek-a..." "Tiger!"

He's a sponge who loves trucks. He groups things, like all birds are ducks and all large vehicles are trucks, but he loves them all, tractors, bulldozers, Chevy's whatever. He'll stare out the window pointing out every truck that goes by.
He also loves the dogs, being outside and books. He's an indifferent eater most days, as his disregard to the cupcake in the above picture illustrates, but he'll eat a wide variety of things, when he cares to eat. Last night, he had salmon, cheddar cheese, smoked almonds and strawberries for dinner. Oh, and Thin Mint girl scout cookies. I managed to feed him a normal-ish meal of a quesadilla and sweet potato for dinner tonight. As long as there's cheese. 

He's always been fairly social and personable, but he's recently become more affectionate as well, joy to this mother's heart. For a hug, he'll clamp onto you, arms and legs, and even occasionally give you a kiss. But he prefers high fives and fist bumps.  He loves being tickled.
And walking in mommy's shoes, wrong-footed. He usually sleeps 12 hours at night, going to bed without fuss at 6:30-7:30 pm, and takes a 1-2 hour morning nap. He's also cutting four more teeth, the cuspids, three of which are already cut, one to go. Even his smile is changing.
We love him so. 


Cindy said...

So sweet and cute!

Megan Hackworth said...

Very fun kiddo update! :-)