Friday, June 6, 2014

Baby Gigi: 6 Weeks!

Little Giselle turned six weeks yesterday, and since I don't blog as much as I did back when Indiana was this age, I thought I should include pictures from the last month.

Six Weeks Old! 

We discovered that she loves swinging back and forth, rather than side-to-side. It's been a huge blessing. Often, she'll settle down by herself and get a good nap in it. This morning, she needed the swaddle, too. She was a little over-tired, I think, from a too bumpy ride in the jogging stroller. She's fairly tolerant of the jogging stroller, but she stays awake most of the time.

 First ride in the jogging stroller. A little over-kill in the bundling up, yes?

 Two and a half weeks, and smiling already! She is such a sweet, happy baby.

 Ah, relaxation!!!

 I love those pouty little cheeks!
 So kissable!! 3 weeks old, here.

 More sleepy grins!
 It's she just a beauty?!
 Wide awake for her 4 week photo.
 Napping with Mamie. So sweet.
 Tummy time selfie, 5 weeks.
 You can really see her filling out. Those darling little cheeks are getting just a little rounder.

Curious big brother! Indiana has been incredibly sweet about our new arrival. He is careful around her and wants to help when she's crying. Yesterday, she was crying in the car and he reached over and pulled on the little vibrating toy to try and calm her. Good kiddo.
Almost six weeks, bright and happy!

At six weeks, she's averaging 12 feedings a day, so about every two hours. At night, she'll usually sleep for a three hour stretch, then several 2 hour stretches. She sleeps in a bassinet right next to me, so I nurse her and she almost always go right back to sleep. During the day, she is really quite easy going. She has fussy times, mostly in the evening, but generally, she's happy. She is such a blessing. Love this little girl.

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