Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

We had a simple Christmas. No big production, but tried to do a few special things. When Indiana got up, he wanted to "See Christmas" and asked if it was snowing. Sorry Pumpkin, it's easier to whistle up Santa Claus than snow in Texas. 

For Christmas, he got a real bicycle, with petals. No training wheels. We lowered the seat so he can still use his feet like he did with his balance bike, but hopefully, he'll get more comfortable and use the pedals. That was pretty much it for presents until we went to Jack and Mamie's house. Casey got himself the new Kindle for Christmas, and I'm going to order an electric toothbrush for myself. Man, we sound so old!!! I am actually quite looking forward to my toothbrush. My New Years Resolution is going to be brush my teeth more.

 Anyway....we did a few Christmas crafts while the pie was baking. I quite enjoy Indiana's use of color in painting ornaments. Quite avant garde.

And Gigi hung out in her favorite, favorite spot. Aren't they the cutest together?!?
Note: Uploading this photo was giving me fits. Despite my efforts, it was loading sideways. Casey fixed it, and he wanted you to know. He is a very smart man.

Chez my parents, Dad set a fire going, we opened more presents. I got a  very nice wallet, a beautiful silver and turquoise necklace and two berets. No joke. I've been needing a beret! Maybe. 

 Giselle loves her Mamie!

Dad made a delicious turkey and all the fixin's. Indiana ate some turkey and bread with gravy. Gigi had green beans, corn and stuffing. Together, my children had a full meal. I'll count it a win.

 In fresh jammies, Gigi sat with Dad and he shared a little ice cream from his cherry pie. A very merry first Christmas for the baby. :-)

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