Saturday, April 25, 2015

Calling All Superheros: Indiana turned 4!

Indiana, this sweet, funny kid, turned 4 last Saturday. He is so happy. That's what his teachers always say about him. He's friendly and sweet-tempered. He loves cars and trucks as much as ever, but he likes playing super-heros, legos and puzzles too. He's becoming more independant and better at communication. At his 4 year appointment, he got a clean bill of health. 41 inches and 36 lbs, so 50% for height and 75% for weight! It's the first time he's been over 50% for anything. So, I guess I don't have to worry about him eating enough. :-)
 Saturday, we started the day at Mustang donuts, wearing his Happy Birthday shirt. Probably the last time he'll wear it...2T!
 Had some fun at the grocery store.
 The party was super-hero themed, and we had lots of good food. Fruit cups and Pirate Booty, chips and queso, burgers and hot dogs.
I even got a little super-man outfit for Gigi. She was too cute. With the kids being so close in age, I figured it would be okay to have one big party for both of them.
 I made cupcakes for Gigi, but she didn't even up eating them at the party.
 The Batman cake was more than enough. The kids liked it.
Everyone had a good time, especially Indiana. He was the life of the party. :-) I'm thankful for my busy, happy boy.

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