Saturday, November 15, 2008

Returned -- Somewhat

I got my purse back. It was empty other than some papers and my classroom keys, but still, that is something. A lady had found it in a creek, and I got it back from her today. It made me kinda sad seeing the remnants of what had been my stuff. They took my cell phone, but left the sim card. They ripped open my coin purse and took the change. And, they left my chap-stick but took the floss. Kinda makes you wonder.

But, I am very thankful to get back my classroom keys, as they were irreplacable. I had resigned myself to not being able to lock anything in my classroom anymore (the closet, filing cabinets), so this is a nice turn. Plus, one of the filing cabinets was locked, with kid's t-shirt money in that'll be nice to have. :-) Casey fixed the car window and changed the house locks, I've replaced my cell phone and am getting my cards soon, so life is almost back to normal.

My mom-in-law told me a friend of hers had her home broken into, but fortunately, the people were caught and most of the things returned. The police on the case said that with these hard economic times, more of this is to come. Desperate times. I'm thankful that despite little setbacks, we're no where near desperate. We'll be just fine. I had to take an inventory of what I'm thankful for...and there were lots of things. :-)

*Pause: I was distracted by food blogs with pictures of challah bread. Mmm...challah.*

In other news, 28 days until the marathon. We were at the lake this morning doing a 15 mile run. It was easy other than the crazy strong ice-cold wind. 28 days. December 14th, hopefully around noon, we'll be crossing the 26.2 finish line at the American Airline's Center. I invite you all to come and witness the raw guts and glory splendor of it. Hopefully, I won't be on my hands and knees...but if it comes to that, I will, and proudly.

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