Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Treatise on Scones

I've had a hankering for scones. Not biscuits (read: light and fluffy), but scones (denser, crunchier, sweeter and more crumbly). I've tried Ina Garten's recipe, and though tasty and praised by family members, they were just sweet biscuits.

So, full of hope, I tried Cook's Illustrated's recipe. Slightly more arduous it was, as I had to grate frozen butter (which, after a spinning and a dance class this morning, had me completely out of breath), plus knead and roll the dough twice...but I persevered.

And they still turned out like biscuits. Dang. Very tasty cherry biscuits...but biscuits. Where, oh where is my dense crumbly scone? I miss you.

PS...I'm all well and recovered from my stomach bug, obviously. Thank goodness because not being interested in food was depressing! Also, this next week coming up is going to be kinda stressful. Lots of stuff to do at school, grading tests, French club, mandatory tutoring for the little lost causes, and we're hosting a Superbowl Party this weekend. That will be fun, but there is much to prepare, including the famous Paula Deen cheese ball. I'll leave you with a photo of the first avatar of the cheese ball, a goblin version for Casey's Halloween birthday party three years ago.


megan said...

ooh you're taking a dance class? What kind? I'm jealous! Oh and the, biscuits?...look amazing.

rachel said...

Try's scone recipes...delicious actual scones

lucysmom said...

I will tell you that I found the perfect recipe. I just made them last night and I was in heaven. Baked New Frontiers in Baking Maple Walnut scones. They were amazing.

darrah said...

i had a bite of that cheesy goblin three years ago. yum! i love a good cheese ball.