Saturday, March 27, 2010

No move for us :-( =)

The house switch is off. It was a disappointment, especially for Casey, who would really love to have a house in the Park Cities asap and not have to worry about it, but I see lots of blessings in it. The biggest one that, instead, Casey sold his interest in that big house to dad, and we could then pay off our mortgage. So, come what may, whatever hardship may come, we own this house. It's very satisfying to know that. It makes you kinda want to hole up and take cover, just because you can. =)

Another blessing is not having to go through the stress and hassle of a move, plus a much longer commute to work for me long before it's necessary, (as in, when we have kids to go to those good schools we're moving there for). Have babies first, then move somewhere for them to go to school! But with the mortgage paid off, the next landmark is for me to finish grad school. The next three months are going be tough, lots of reading, writing and studying. Ugh! But afterward, the reward is we get to go to Europe for Casey to compete in a triathlon and see my family, so that will be great. A carrot to dangle, if you will.

Also, Kelli and I had a great run this morning. We're training for the Big D Texas half marathon in early April, and this morning was just spectacular for a run, and we both felt really good doing it. Then there was a brunch with girls from church, which was really nice, and then our Club Euro luncheon at the Bavarian Grill. I really liked the restaurant, super-fun very authentic feeling restaurant, and we had a good time. If you're want to try something different with comforting food, it's definitely worth a drive to Plano.

But now, I need to do some homework! =(


nodnarb said...

Congratulations on paying-off the house!

Marci said...

Can't wait to tell Tim you paid off your house, he will be so jealous. I know you are probably sad about not moving, but seriously paying off your house is incredible (incredible!) and when the time comes to move on up to the west side, you will have a big fat hunk of equity. Sit on your egg for awhile! Congratulations.