Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nice Day

We had a nice Saturday yesterday. The weather was perfect for running, so we both went to the lake. Had great runs. Then, I went to do my Elevate reading at White Rock Coffee. Pumpkin latte, fall weather, good reading. Excellent start to the day.

Casey then got to test drive a Ferrari. The dealership contacted the law firm and offered to let them test drive the California. Boys like that kind of stuff.

After that, we went to our house builder and picked out EVERYTHING. So many choices. Tile, carpet, paint, fan blades, door knob color, shutters, siding color, base boards, molding, etc. We went through more finalized plans, which were awesome. It's going to be so nice...whenever it gets built. We'll get the financing early next year. The contractor said it would take 5 months to build, but I'm sure there will be delays and lots of set-up stuff before they actually start building. But it will be great once it's done. :)

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