Friday, February 4, 2011

To quote the mailman:

"It's froze as s*** out there!"
A few pictures from this morning's walk. This is the creek by my house. I think the top layer of water is frozen...and isn't running water not supposed to freeze? How should I know? I live in Texas! I thought last year's snow would be the last I'd see for a long time. But on day 4 of a hard freeze with ice and now snow, all bets are off for Texas.
Truth be told, teachers like having school canceled almost as much as the kids do, but by Wednesday evening, I thought we should have gone back to school. Thursday, I went to work with Casey, and yes there was some ice, but whatever. I'd already read three (young adult) books. It's time to get to work!
But today, this kind of snow merits no school. It's amazingly beautiful. Casey was very apprehensive of me even driving to the corner Kroger, but I risked it to get s'mores provisions. We've had a fire the last two nights which has been lovely, but we had no marshmallows to roast. I love, love, love roasting marshmallows...with a big pink heart love. Now, life is perfect.
The Fatty (aka. Charlotte) cares nothing for the snow, and it's cut down on her squirrel hunting.
Charlie just wants to cuddle, no matter the weather.

Stay safe and warm!

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Marci said...

I heart Charlie and charlotte. And your funny mailman.