Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby Update

We just got back from the doctor and everything is looking good. I'm 36 weeks pregnant (so officially 4 weeks to go), but at my last appointment the belly was measuring two weeks ahead as in, the baby is bigger than expected. So they scheduled a sonogram, measured his head, belly and femur...and he measured small, a week and a day behind, so in the 23rd percentile.

We also got to see that he already has a fair amount of hair on his head. Excellent. It may be prejudiced...but I don't like bald babies.

So...big or small? After feeling the belly, the doctor said he's not as small as the sono showed (and we were warned that they can be inaccurate) and probably will be about 7 lbs at the end. Good baby size. I was 6 lbs something and Casey 7 lbs something, so Indy is right along in there. Also, for the first time she checked my cervix.

For the uninitiated (like we were before a recent childbirth class) there are three things the doctor checks: dilation of the cervix, effacement/thinning of the cervix and engagement of the baby next to the cervix. Currently, I'm 1 cm dilated (of 10 total) and already 30% effaced. And he's head down, facing towards my spine, as he should. The doctor said she could feel the crown of his head already. Of course, we wanted to know, does this mean he's coming early? No, not at all, but if things are starting to progress now, they will hopefully continue to progress without medical intervention. Excellent.

But, if he does decide to come early, we're pretty much ready for him. The first day of Spring Break was spend washing and organizing baby stuff and getting a few last baby things. So, the nursery's ready. Dustin & Aubrey bought us the bassinet, so that's set and ready too.
Susan Lavery's handmade quilt looks quite nice on the wall, I think. I have a few more teddy bear themed decorations in the mail.
And the Indiana Jones poster is absolutely necessary. :-)
For the last three days, I've spent my mornings at White Rock Coffee finalizing my lesson plans. I have 40+ pages of them, everything for the next ten weeks. So, if I go into labor Monday, everything is set for my classes to be in good hands for the rest of the school year. Before Spring Break, I got all the copies and warm-ups ready and organized. So that's good to go. Excellent. I'm three weeks ahead of time, but better safe than sorry.

I had a picnic lunch with Karis, LeeAnn and Kristina at the Arboretum today also. So many flowers: tulips, pansies, hyacinths, crocuses, and so much more. Beautiful.
Tomorrow, Casey and I are going to Hico, Tx to stay at a little bed and breakfast. We've been there before, and there's not much to do...which is kinda the point. Rest, read, relax. It's only two hours away, but still getting out of town, which will be a treat. :-)

An unrelated note or How I Won a Bet:
Casey and I recently had a disagreement over a comment I had made about how clothing used to be more durable, better quality pre-industrialization (hence few people know how to sew or care about repairing clothes now...they're more disposable). Casey vehemently thought it was the reverse. It was an irreconcilable disagreement. So, we decided to make a wager of a staggering $5.

Unfortunately, google searches were unfruitful on yea's or nay's. So, Casey, a devotee of the History Channel's Pawn Stars, took it upon himself to call the show's historical expert at the Clark County Historical Museum in Las Vegas. (Who does that?!? "That guy probably knows...I'm going to get him on the phone!) Well, Casey did. It took two phone calls to get hold of him, and he was not only knowledgeable but voluble. And I was right. Clothing was much more durable in the past because people couldn't afford to replace them and would repair/wear them into rags, and then use the rags as writing material, since paper was also scarce. Another fun fact.

Anyway, after my shock and surprise that Casey had the gumption to call the guy from a popular tv show and actually got the guy on the phone and that the guy was happy to help, I recovered and demanded payment. Victory is sweet. :-)


Kelli said...

That is great that your body has started the labor process on its own! Hope you guys have a great time as a couple down in Hico. If you pass through Glen Rose, you should stop in the Storiebook Cafe.

Marci said...

LOVE the poster. :-)

kelly said...

v - what a funny story! (clothing, NOT your OB appt!). i will have to tell my mom, who loves that show!!
hope you have a wonderful last few weeks!