Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Quirkiness of Casey

A few things you might not have know about the comedian, Casey.

He likes to kiss farm animals:

In Hico.
And at the State Fair.

He's not afraid to show his feminine side:
In Paris.
In Urban Outfitters.
At the OBGYN, while I beg him to get off the table before the Dr. comes!
At Northpark.
At the Rodin Museum in Paris.
Even in Kroger.

He likes hamburgers:Lots.

And, if you couldn't already tell, he's not the least bit shy. We saw these Jersey Shore guido wanna-be's at Tony's on Friday, and Casey asked to have his picture with them.
Note her stomach tattoos. Sadly, her hair hid her prominently displayed ta-ta's. But their fake tans show in gleaming contrast to Casey's white shirt and guido pout.

All these pictures were posted not only with Casey's consent but with his insistence.


Marci said...

Okay those are really funny, especially the faux-Jersey siting at Tony's!!!!!!!!!

Magen Quiroz said...

hahahahahahah! i'm cracking up at the dr. office picture and the one with the stuffed animals. hilarious casey!