Sunday, April 24, 2011

Indiana Jack Meyers

My sweetums.

Indiana Jack Meyers was born on Monday, at 4:49 pm. He weighted 6 lbs and 14 oz, and measured 20 inches. His hair is brown, just the same shade mine was when I was younger, and he's got a plenty of it. Excellent. The nose is also definitely mine. The lips are probably Casey's, and definitely the long fingers and toes come from Daddy. Everything else, we'll see.

So far, we know he likes being swaddled, eating (especially at night!), and sleeping most anywhere, especially his swing. He likes looking at the animals in the swing, pack n' play, and mobile in his crib. He does not like being changed or baths. He likes it when you talk to him. Friday, I explained the process of making cheese, and he listened attentively, but nodded off during the bread making process. Another day. He also likes being read to. Night before last, Casey read to him for about two hours during a fussy period. Last night, it was Grapes of Wrath during a before bed feeding. Mommy likes being read to as well.
He is my sweetums. I love him.


Marci said...

Welcome to the world, Indiana! You are so precious!

Christy said...

so so cute!
can't wait to meet him!
glad that you guys are doing well.
happy easter!