Monday, April 11, 2011

3, 2, 1...0?

So, tomorrow is the official due date. April 12th. And I am definitely not in labor. A few Braxton-Hicks contractions, but no nesting, no water breaking, no real contractions. We've been hoping and hoping that he wouldn't come early, and I'm really glad he wasn't. It seems like every mom that had her baby early wanted to tell me about it...but none of the ones that were late.

But now we have to start worrying about him not coming on his own. Friday, at the doctor appointment, our ob said she wanted to tentatively schedule an induction for April 18th, not to pressure us, but simply because those induction spots can fill up, since many folks want to induce. We don't. I don't want medicine I don't need, and I don't want to try to force a natural process that's obviously saying, "I'm not ready." But what if that natural process doesn't kick start on it's own? The more we read, the more complications there seem to be with medical interventions (like induction, epidural, c-section)...but there are serious complications that arise for post-term pregnancies (at 42 weeks) as well.

So, ideally...Indy needs to come on his own in the next two weeks. I talked to our doula Saturday and she gave us some recommendations, take some supplements, see a chiropractor, etc. So we're trying those things along with what our ob recommended.

I also decided, at 2 in the morning Saturday night, that no matter what, this is my last week of work. I could go into labor at any time, of course, (which Indy is reminding me of, as he has hiccups right now) but even if I don't go into labor by next Monday, it's time to hand things over to the substitute. I had planned to keep working up until he comes, and I hadn't felt the need to quit working, really. I enjoy teaching and my energy levels have been really great lately. But I ended up staying late every day last week trying to get everything ready in case I went into labor the next day, and I don't need the stress. 4 more work days. I'll finish out this six weeks and be done. It's so hard to hand over my classroom to another teacher, but other things have to take priority. Good things, like our baby boy.

Casey keeps saying, "I'm ready to meet him." Me too. I want to hold him. See him. Wonder who he looks like. Feed him, cuddle him. Take care of him. Be his mom. I'm ready.

So, be ready too, little Indy!


Charlton said...

I've had several friends that were 2 weeks over due when they had their children and luckily did not have to be induced, so hopefully you won't have to either. You might be uncomfortable for 2 extra weeks, but it will be worth it! ;) We can't wait to see him either! Also, good call on quitting work a little early. You need a little stress free time to prepare for Indy.

Marci said...

Go, Indy, Go! (Out of the uterus I mean). Luke was 8 days late and then sure enough I walked to Target and started having contractions in the cleaning supply aisle, much to the horror of some 20-something adorably chic couple who practically ran in the other direction! We walked home and my water broke. You just never know when they'll come but I'm thankful you have a doctor who will be patient and supportive of the process. Keep up your walking and bouncing and primrose oil and eggplant parmesan eating! Can't wait to meet him.

Magen Quiroz said...

funny that marci suggested eggplant parmesan. that was my last meal the night i went into labor with wilson.
what a sweet post on preparing to meet your little guy! can't wait to see him either!!