Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tiles and Floors and Counters, oh my!

Earlier this week, they finished up the indoor and outdoor paint.
This is the hardyplank on the side and back of the house. We picked a color as close to the brick color as possible and hoped it would blend. We would have loved to do it all in brick...but that would have cost 15 grand. Not worth it.

They also did the tile and counters inside.
The kitchen counters are quartz, which is almost as pretty and costs just as much as granite, but is much more durable and lower-maintenance. We agonized over that decision, but I think it turned out really pretty and will stay pretty for longer. I can't wait to get in there and cook!

They used the same tile from the floor for the kitchen back splash, and I think it looks nice. It will certainly be easier to clean than the paint and paneling in our current kitchen. They also did a little backsplash upstairs in the butler's pantry. Fancy.
Casey in his shower-to-be. It's really tall!
They did the upstairs bathrooms too. It's really starting to look like a house!

I can't wait to live there. I mean, wow. After seeing the paint and cabinets, really does look like a home. It's going to be the biggest, nicest, newest house that either Casey or I have ever lived in, and I can hardly believe that we're going to get to live there. More than anything, I'm so happy that Indy (and child #2 to be born in sometime in the future) will get to grow up there....and hopefully not turn out too spoiled!


Brandon said...

We would have chosen quartz too. It's looking good!

Marci said...


love your fair post too...we haven't even been once, we better get busy!

Kelli said...

The house looks amazing! Don't forget to invite us to the house warming party!