Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Haircut

So, after realizing that Indy did bare a striking resemblance to Lyle Lovett, we got him a haircut.He was great. He kept looking around wanting to see what was going on, but otherwise he was completely cool and calm. He looked so teeny sitting in that big chair...sweet little boy.
But he still has his darling chubby baby face, so all is well. He had his 9 month appointment last week and is in perfect health. He's on the skinny side: 3rd percentile in weight and 25th in height. I guess for some babies to be 90th percentile, others have to be on the far side of the scale. Despite that, he loves to eat. He has graduated to table food and loves eating pretty much everything, especially puffs. And he loves dropping food on the floor...thankfully, we have two fuzzy puppies that happily take care of that.


Charlton said...

He looks sooo cute! I wish my girls had that much hair!

megan said...

Oh yay! We still haven't cut AB's hair yet...though I guess with a girl, it's not as important if you don't want bangs. Glad he was good for you!

And the pups do make great mess-cleaners,don't they? :)