Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New House!

We moved the Friday before Christmas, and with few exceptions, we're completely done unpacking and getting settled. I'm really amazed and thankful that we were able to get so much done.

To see the Facebook album of pictures from start (a pile of dirt) to the complete, mostly decorated house, click here.

We even had time to have a little get-together at our house for New Year's Eve. We had 30+ guests, but there was plenty of room to mix and mingle, but as usual, everyone congregated around the food. I made chocolate chip cookies, homemade vanilla marshmallows, brie in pastry with apples, roasted red pepper hummus, ranch dill dip, brown sugar bacon-wrapped lil' smokies...all made in my new kitchen.
Indy played in his high chair and sampled the party food ahead of time. He loves feeding himself, so I gave him a little of whatever I was nibbling at the time, like hummus and crackers.

Including part of my chocolate chip cookie. I'm sure you're not supposed to give babies cookies...But he liked it. :-)

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