Saturday, July 21, 2012

Paris: Friday and Bastille Day - Part 2/3

On Friday, I went for a morning run along the Seine river. It was a grey, drizzly morning and fairly early for Paris (almost nothing is open before 9-10!) so it was perfect for running, but I had to stop a few times to take pictures. 
Notre-Dame de Paris, pretty in any weather.
Later that morning while Indy napped, I took a quick tour around the Marais, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Paris and when walking through the Place des Vosges, I discovered this beautiful "hotel particulier" or private mansion tucked away, out of sight. It's used as a government building now. Seriously, Parisians are spoiled for beautiful buildings.

Don't these "cookies" look dry and horrible? These people can make wonders out of puff-pastry but burn a cookie and have the nerve to charge $2.50 for it.
We braved the crowds near the Louvre to walk through the Jardin des Tuileries, had a ice cream, and continued on to L'Orangerie, a Monet museum I'd never visited before.
The French government designed this museum to display some specially commissioned large-scale paintings of water lilies. They were spectacular. Seriously, it was awe-inspiring. You just wanted to sit and be absorbed into the lush lighting and swirling color of Monet's genius. I must make a pilgrimage to Giverny, Monet's home, next time I'm in France.
We walked along the Seine after leaving the museum, inspecting a few of the "love locks" on the Pont des Arts. I've never done one myself, but the story is, a couple will write their names on a lock, attach it to a bridge and throw the key into the Seine to symbolize that their love is "locked" and forever. Good business for lock-makers too.

Indiana and Henri playing together Saturday morning. My sweet darling had just bonked little Henri with that foam sword. *Sigh*
As it was Bastille Day, Dad went to the military parade on the Champs Elysée, but it would be way too crowded for Indiana and I, so Adeline and I took it easy in the morning and they went shopping on a little Medieval pedestrian street nearby, Rue Mouffetard.

Indiana had his first crêpe as a snack, butter and sugar, which was still pretty messy, but I think he enjoyed it. *Nom nom nom*
We walked to the Pantheon, famous for being the burial place of great writers, etc.
They had different military vehicles and military men out on the plaza in front as part of Bastille Day celebration, so of course, Dad had to climb on top of one.
Even Indiana was getting into the military spirit with his sword and tri-color berets!
To be concluded, in one last thrilling installment, coming soon! ;-)

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