Friday, July 20, 2012

Paris: A Relaxed Visit - Part 1/3

The rest of the visit was in Paris. It was so fun. We stayed with my cousin Adeline and her husband Charles-Edouard at their apartment in the 5th arrondissment of Paris. Their girls were already on summer vacation at their grandparent's house, so I got my own room to share with Indiana in a totally baby-safe apartment full of toys and things for Indiana. It was wonderful. Being in the countryside was nice too, but it wasn't very toddler friendly...lots of "no-no don't touch that!" So, being at Adeline's was more fun for the both of us.
They live in a beautiful, classically Parisian neighborhood. Lots of shops and easy access to the metro but also fairly quiet and very safe as well.

We wasted no time getting right into the pastry. Indiana didn't mind.  

Dad's and I's favorite little cake, a religieuse. I think he had one for breakfast two days in a row. Not a typical Parisian breakfast, mind you. Bread, butter, jam and coffee is standard fair. But when there's a beautiful bakery on nearly every corner, temping you...thankfully, we walked about 18 miles every day (it felt like) so it balanced out!
Dad, looking stalwart.
After breakfast, we took the bus (which was a challenge in itself...bus stops can be hard to find!) and visited the Musée Marmottan and saw some truly beautiful impressionist paintings, like Monet's Impression: Sunrise. Then, we had lunch in a little café and later while Indiana napped, I went to the grocery store to find provisions to make pancakes since Charles-Edouard special-requested them and bought myself an Astérix comic book too. Very French and funny at the same time.

The next day, we got up early (correction: baby woke up early!) so Indiana and I went shopping in the "Grands Magasins," the famous department stores. On the way, we walked past the beautiful Opera Garnier. I love the architecture in Paris. There are so many beautiful churches and building that just riding the bus is a cultural experience.
I didn't actually go into this one, but it's competitor, Galerie Lafayette. Both of them take up two city blocks, so I opted for the Galerie Lafayette's separate housewares store across the street since I was on the hunt for some pretty mugs to help me remember my time in Paris.

That afternoon, we walked around the nearby Jardin des Plantes, a botanical garden full of interesting plants and antique trees, and I took Indiana to the zoo there.
It was his first ever trip to the zoo, and despite an occasional drizzle of rain, it was neat. I think his favorites were the monkeys, flamingos...and the pigeons. :) I liked the peacock and the black swan.

I love the wistful expression on his face here. Too sweet.

To be continued...

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Charlton said...

I'd love to see all of your pictures when we come at Christmas! In grad school I took an architectural history class about Paris, but unfortunately have never been, so to see your pictures would be awesome!