Sunday, May 18, 2008

I am a sap.

This morning, Jordan our pastor, use Max Lucado's "You are special" in his sermon. I had tears on my cheeks after the first page. Extreme Makeover Home Edition came on, and I wasn't even watching it as I was making dinner in the other room, but when I heard that they were re-making a house and church for Katrina victims..more tears. I had to stop watching that show because it would make me sob. Sure, that's what they want to you do, and that's just fine...but as I'm crying, I know if I wasn't, I would be making fun of the saps that go for that show. Of course, that's me.


Anonymous said...

Crying is a sign of weakness you know... :)


Virginie Meyers said...

Whatever Neena. I know you cry.