Friday, May 30, 2008

A moment of panic...and a new appliance.

So, as we're installing our new (but used) fridge, I look around and ask Casey..."Puppies?" "Oh, in the back yard." And then the image of the open gate flashes in my mind. 30 seconds later, I'm running down the street thinking, "How far could they have gone? What direction? Are we going to have to put up signs?" How depressing...I'm lost my puppies! And there's two of them, so will they stay together? So, I round the corner to back behind the block...and I see those pointy ears of Charlotte. A couple of kids and their mom who live right behind us had grabbed them. Thank goodness. They really hadn't gone far at all and were back home within 5 minutes of us realizing their escape. I'm just thankful we live in a neighborhood where people would be out and about and nice enough to grab hold of two stray dogs.

AND, we have a new fridge! So, our food will be cold (because the old one wasn't getting it done...for the third time), plus we'll have a working ice maker! (You can tell, I'm a simple woman...simple pleasures) and the dogs are back, sleeping on the couch. All is well.

Plus, there's just 3 more days of school left. Thank goodness!

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megan said...

I hear you on being scared of losing puppies! (we don't have a completely fenced yard yet, so Sammy doesn't get to go out without supervision, but it's most definitely one of my fears. And yay for a new (sorta) fridge! I'm jealous of the ice-maker...