Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Because love is a sugar cookie slathered in cream cheese icing.

Today was kinda an off day for me. I just wasn't very determined in my workout...even got gently scolded by my spin instructor for my lack of focus! I skipped the dance class. And later, I bumped into some friends at a coffee shop and probably came off as a total ditz because I just felt out of it. So, my solution was to go home and clean house for two+ hours. Does tend to clear the head, yes.

The most Valentine-y thing Casey and I did today was make these cookies...of course, he did dub the above cookie-cutter "Sharkbite." We did some other cooking: spaghetti and meat sauce, put together a lasagna to bake tomorrow, but I had planned to make chicken and dumplings and roast a chicken for Casey...but I lacked the determination.

Hopefully tomorrow. :-) Next week, I will be teaching absolutely nothing, as it's the last week of the term...just review, games and testing. I am hoping that my French 3 students will rise to the occasion to do some great things with the Little Prince essays and oral presentations. It's such a beautiful book to teach, and it really feels like a culmination of three years of teaching when they can produce a real essay in French (with lots of help). Plus I just love the book.

Almost as much as I love sprinkles!


Melissa said...

The cookies are so cute! Happy Valentine's Day!

Pamela Poole said...

Bonjour Virginie.

To this day, 30+ years since I first read Le Petit Prince, I am as moved every time I read it as I was the first time. Probably more...

I thought you might like to know about, the social network for francophiles.

You can also follow us on Twitter for daily French culture bites and francophile treats! @francophilia

Merci et à bientôt.

Pamela Poole (LaGoulue)