Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, after school today, I didn't have much to do and had to sit around as a kid was serving a detention. Looking at a list of names, I had a stray thought about how I was pleased with how a certain student has been doing in class (especially since he'd previously given me grief). So, I called his mom and left a message saying how he was doing good work, asking thoughtful and helpful questions, etc. And after I hung up the phone, I felt good. So I called half a dozen more, left more positive messages and talked to one grandma.

Now, hopefully, when the parent gets the message, they'll feel good, and trickling down...the kid too. But nonetheless, I left school glowing. Focusing on the good kids and spending the time to praise them sincerely really fed my soul. And I do have lots of good kids. I had a lot of apprehension about this new term that just started, but I feel like things have gotten to a good start. I've made a good impression, and the kids are doing what I need them to do, for the most part, and are happy enough doing it. It's nice to see what you're doing is working and is well received. Now, I'm not talking about their learning...we'll see about that after tomorrow's quiz! But the classroom management and positive environment foundation has been laid, so hopefully the rest will follow. :-)

PS Casey wrote me the sweetest email today, definitely an encouragement, too!
"Good for you on making a nice impression on your French 1 classes. I am looking forward to you being the mother of my children. You are a wonderful with children and do a great job. I expect to learn a lot from simply watching you." Aw...wasn't that sweet?

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megan said...

look, another post about your future children! are you getting the 'baby bug'?