Friday, February 20, 2009, Fast!

I got a bike. It's a "Women Specific Design" bike, full carbon. It bares no resemblance to the much beloved pink banana seat of my childhood.It has the kind of pedals that you clip into, so of course, before I can even get moving, I fall and bust up my knee. That made me mad. One small expletive. Stupid pedals. But I get going, and we get stuck behind a group of riders going about 16 mph. And, I'm scared of falling. Vivid images myself falling and sliding headfirst into the metal rail on Garland road.

But after the first lap of the lake, I get into my groove. I think the combination of being a runner and having used a stationary bike for six months, makes me want to push the whole time, uphill or downhill...and so those 16 mph people who were just letting momentum push them were ticking me off. According to Casey, you're supposed to cruise sometimes...but whatever.

I knew that I would take to biking when I saw a SLOW sign,and actually said NO! aloud. Of course, I did get passed right after that...totally ate the dude's dust...but it was fast for me!

Going fast can be fun. I think it's helping my running too. Recently, we've gotten PR's on both the 9 mile White Rock loop, and the 7 miles of the Katy trail. Like 30 secs a mile faster.

I think I'm going to sign up for a triathlon. Casey's doing a Half Iron distance in April, so I can do the Sprint distance, right? Only problem is that it involves swimming. No likey. But it's only fifteen I'll tough it out.

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