Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing like old friends...

This past weekend, my dear friend Megan flew in from her home in Columbus to spend time with me and see our friends John and Erin before they leave to be missionaries in the far east.
It was a real treat to be with people that I knew so deeply and walked so closely with during my college years. Megan (she's in the middle above) and I went thrift shopping, rejoicing in our mutual thriftiness. I bought that brightly colored sweater for $2.

Erin and her little girl, Moriah.
Sunday, we had lunch and hung out old lifegroup members back from 1999-2000, plus my Casey and John & Erin's little girls.
Moriah loved the puppies...and they loved her. It absolutely melted my heart to see that sweet little girl hugging those puppies. It was cuteness squared. Perhaps to the third power, even.


lisamichele said...

What a lovely and happy get together! Those photos of all of you could be an ad in any magazine promoting friends and family - including your sweet faced pups :) Glad you had a great time, and love that sweater! :)

megan said...

Yay! I had such a great time getting to see you (and everyone). If only times like that weren't so few and far between!