Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Triathlons

Casey and I both competed in triathlons this weekend in Galveston. It was my very first, a sprint distance (.33 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike, 3.1 mile run). Casey did his 4th Half Ironman distance. We both had great races, and it was a great weekend on the island.

Just joking around before the start. Like my cone head? And the guns, of course.

That's me, with my helmet on backwards. I was so out of it after making it through that crazy open-water swim, I had no idea. Thankfully, Casey yelled out for me to fix it.

But once I got on the bike, I was in my element. I passed tons of people. I ended up having the 4th fastest bike in my age group.

The run was just fine too. My knee wasn't really a problem, thankfully. I had it taped up, and maybe that helped. It was very sore after, though.

I beat that girl behind me by less than a second...but I had to. I got tenth out of 58 women in my age group. For my first tri, plus with a hurt knee, I'm very pleased.

See those dots in the water? One's Casey about to swim 1.2 miles in deep water. *Chills*

Doesn't that helmet make him look like a spaceman? Casey had a great bike. We had to drive past tons of people to catch up with him on that 56 mile bike. That's more than 6 loops around White Rock Lake, and he did it in less than 2.5 hours. I know most women think their husband is Superman, but I'm pretty sure mine actually is.

It was cool driving across the island to watch the bike race in my dad's convertible, too.

Here he had 9 miles left of that 13.1 mile run. This year he beat his last time by 24 minutes and qualified for the National Championship. It's in OK City in September. Woo woo!

And how was Galveston? From our condo:


This was on the Strand on the far side of the island. Hurtin' but workin'. They're definitely coming back strong.

I can't wait for the next race!


Criss said...

Awesome photos! Awesome races! Congrats to both of you!!!

Coming out of the water is a weird feeling. If they didn't have people there yelling and pointing to tell me where to run, I wouldn't have known what I was supposed to do.

c said...


nodnarb said...

"...but I had to." ...Nice!

Christy said...

i agree with casey - you are both studs. . . way to go! i can't believe you did it v with a hurt knee and everything!