Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yesterday I took my final exam over Medieval Comic Literature, so now I have five comprehensive exams and one two week class left....then graduation! I opted to take my tests sooner, in June, and then I get to graduate in August. I'll be glad to get it done. But now, how to make myself study in May?!? It's so beautiful outside...running out at the lake...biking at the lake...Casey and I can't get enough.

Also, in other news, we'll probably be moving in the next year. My parents decided to move to that huge house in Oak Cliff after all. And it's starting to seem like home for them. It's an eclectic neighborhood...and that's my parents totally. Plus, it's surrounded by huge parks, like Kiest Park, so Dad loves it. Anyway, since my parents moved out of their house in the Park Cities, they offered to essentially give it to us (sell our current house and pay them that...a very reasonable price), but anyway, we're going to build a new house on that lot. The house currently on the lot is the one I grew up in, but it's in really poor shape and not at all what Casey and I want, so we've talked to a builder, and they're currently drawing up plans.

We looked through a ton of plans, and here's what we sent them for the facade:And this is the first floor, but there are some changes...no porch or fireplace. The right side would slide back for a flat front, and we'll have a pocket door connecting the master bath to the hall by the front bedroom. We're thinking that will eventually be the nursery. Upstairs will be all bedrooms and a game room, I guess.
Casey and I still don't feel like it's really going to happen. It seems too much a fantasy to build our own home in the Park Cities...so it won't seem real until I seem them building it, but wow!

We actually went to Lowe's yesterday and looked at flooring, blinds, sinks, counters and cabinets. SO many choices. If you have any suggestions...things you love or hate...we'd really appreciate your input.


Christy said...

how exciting V!!! that house looks beautiful! what an amazing deal from your parents!
i am impressed that you all are going to tackle building a whole house - just doing our addition - there were so many decisions to make it overwhelmed me! (i think as long as you are decisive and know what you want it won't be too bad!)

Brandon said...

Congratulations on getting your tests done early and for finishing your masters.

Is Tilson drawing the plan for you, or did you have to find someone else to do it? We know people at Tilson and know that they build quality homes.

It's an exciting process and should be fun (and sometimes stressful).