Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Trip

Casey suggested going to a bed & breakfast this weekend, so we decided to go stay a night at one in Ft. Worth. It was a fun little trip.

Friday, we went to Fred's Cafe downtown. Lots of antlers and other masculine design elements. Excellent beer.
I'm not saying what that is that's Casey's eating. It's not for the faint of heart.

Afterward, we walked around the giant Barnes and Noble downstairs. I learned that my dog Charlotte, is 1/2 Welsh Cardigan Corgi, and absolutely couldn't be a show-down. On top on not being pure-breed, she has multiple unshowable white on her coat and a blue eye. We recently shaved her and she looks more like a submarine than ever. ( idea why blogger turned this picture!)
We also went to the Kimball Museum. We both really liked...the old stuff. Seriously, that was our assessment. We're so cultured! ;-) (Well...their ancient statues were really nice.)So, we enjoyed our B&B experience. Homey, comfortable. We went for a short run along the Trinity River trail...while the Texas sun beat down on us!
It was so hot, that Casey had to sit down take a siesta with the lawn ornament in the B&B's garden. I think they became friends. :-)

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