Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grad School Quandry

I'm on the last page of the 12 page paper I'm writing on Medieval literature when I get an email from my graduate adviser:

I now have the choice of taking my comprehensive exams, scheduled for the 1st week in July, three weeks earlier and so will be able to actually graduate in August, rather than waiting for Decemeber to graduate. The reason I'd have to wait that long with taking my exams in July is that they take their sweet time grading them (not until August) and then by that time it's too late to submit everything to graduate in the same month. Apparently, now they'll grade them in time.

So, it would be great to graduate earlier, but that's three fewer weeks I have to study for these 5 three hour long French...over classes I've taken in the past two years. Between now and then I'll have the grand total of one week that I won't be working to study. If I wait, I'll have two weeks without work or school to study.

So, delay and have more time to study, or rush and get to graduate earlier, that's my choice.

Any advice, suggestions, my friends?


Tiffany Dawn said...

i think i'd just do it early. You know the stuff! And I know you can devote yourself fully to this for the amount of time you have. Plus then you get the whole grad. process done while its still fresh - not dec- which is a lifetime away. so to wait 4 months just for 2 extra weeks of study... i personally dont think its worth it!!

But thats just my opinion - and i'm not IN grad school...

best advice: Ask God what you should do - and obey- no matter what anyone else says. He knows what you're capable of even better than you do and He wants you to succeed!!

Good luck!

Charlton said...

i'm all for waiting if it gives you an extra week of studying. It's not like you'll still be taking classes through December, you just won't have walked and gotten your diploma. And you won't get your diploma in December anyway, they'll mail it to you much later - or at least that is what happened with mine. ;) In the end, it's up to you. Either way, I'm sure you'll do fine.

Amy Marable said...

I say get it over with! you can just study harder now! You will do awesome!