Saturday, June 19, 2010

Triathalon #2

This morning, Casey and I both competed in the Denison Dash, way north of Dallas. It's the birthplace of President Eisenhower. It's a Sprint tri, a 300m swim, 13.8 mile bike and a 3.5 mile run.By far the hardest was the swim. It was the shortest (thank goodness) and the scariest. Swimming through a crowded, churning pool, with people swimming right in front of you and behind you...passing you too! I didn't know if I could do it. After that, it was mostly fun. Biking up and down hills around and outside of the town was nice, and then the run around a little lake and through the woods! My legs were pretty sore by the last stretch, but I couldn't help smile as I finished because it was so fun!

They had a time trial start, (each person's start was individually spaced out by 10 seconds) so I didn't really get the feel of who I was competing against and didn't pass as many people as passed me, since I started near the front and most of the girls were in the middle or back. So I was pretty surprised that:
I got first place in my age group! Casey got 10th overall, which was pretty amazing, and 3rd in his age group (which the announcer called the 'Stud Category')! I don't think I've ever won first place at anything, especially not anything athletic, so I was pretty overwhelmed. It was a great end to this week of taking and finishing my comprehensive exams for grad school.

(BTW, it's an Eisenhower dollar on the awards, with the 5 star design, since he was a 5 star general. Pretty cool, huh?)


c said...

yes it is cool. congratulations both of you.

Kelli said...

1st place! That is so impressive, especially since you were studying for comprehensive exams all week!

Magen Quiroz said...

WOW first place! congrats! to both of you... :)