Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving began as usual, with the Turkey Trot, an 8-miler through downtown.
We look sleepy because it's early. The weather was cold and windy but generally great running weather. Casey ran with me, which was fun. My favorite part is looking up at the big buildings downtown while running through them and coming back across the Trinity River bridge, back into downtown with this amazing view of Dallas.

We then had family Thanksgiving at our house. My parents brought two smoked turkeys, my mom-in-law did the mashed potatoes and gravy, my sister & brother in law made the dressing and salad. So, all I had to do was the dessert, vegetable and bread. My kind of gathering.Yes, I photographed the food. I felt like my grandmother, who every year made the family pose around the loaded table, salivating through our posed smiles. At least this is drool-free.
There was cranberry sauce too. As a child, I would sneak canned cranberry sauce straight from the can. I am not ashamed.
If you look closely, Dad's cup says "Cindy." Cindy is my mom-in-law. Just thought I'd point that out.
My mom, actually playing nice and posing for a picture.
Dustin is excited about turkey.
And the lovely floating cheesecake that Casey was sweet enough to photograph for me. Yummy. It's a shame the leftovers didn't last past dinner. Must make more dessert next time.
And, of course, the after-Thanksgiving football and nap. I think Aubrey was savy to Casey's picture taking, though.

It was a good day.

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