Friday, June 24, 2011

What we've been up to:

We go to the Baby Bounce class at Northpark every Thursday.
"Bicycle, bicycle, go so slow. Bicycle, bicycle, go so fast! Bicycle, bicycle, here we go! Bicycle, bicycle, step on the gas!" All while I move Baby's legs like he's riding a bicycle. That's my favorite. Indy likes them all. He has yet to fuss or sleep through a music class. I try to sing songs with him during the day, but the class gives me new ideas.

We go on trips to Central Market. Casey introduced Indy to mushrooms.He was underwhelmed.

We get a couple visits every week from Mamie Marie-Anne. He gets LOTS of cuddles. Tuesday, we took Indy on his first trip to the movies, the Crybaby Matinee at the Angelika: Double Hour. He slept through it, but I guess since it was in Italian with subtitles, he was bored. Mom and I liked it. :-)

We go on walks/runs at the lake. Indiana went "nude" since it was so hot, even though it was pretty early in the day. And it's more like jogging for me, but at least now the Bob jogging stroller has officially been used for jogging. Before, it felt like an SUV never used for sport...and no one in their right mind ever does that. ;-)Little Man was knocked out. The stroller puts him to sleep most of the time. Vibration and bumpy paths are good. :-)

We've been attending two to three moms groups a week. Busy bee! This one was at the Jenkin's pool with folks from church, which was nice, but my favorite is the Mommy & Me class at Baylor on Monday morning. Every week there's a speaker like a Midwife or Swim Instructor or Nutritionist, etc, so I learn new things every time. Plus, it's all new moms, so everyone's very friendly and eager to share baby stories and tips. Excellent.
I did not get in the pool. Buying a new swimsuit that fits my postpartum body is a trama that I'm not putting myself through. I'll lose weight, then buy a bathing suit. Next summer, perhaps. I've been exercising 4-5 times a week and counting calories. Slowly and surely, I'll get back in shape. I did a Bootcamp class yesterday. It was insanely difficult, yet fun.

Nana Cindy came up for Father's day weekend. It was fun to see her and to get unlimited babysitting too!Casey and I went to dinner and a movie. It was so liberating to be away for more than an hour or so. We saw Super 8, which was entertaining, and has sushi at a little place off lower Greenville. Tasty and healthy, to boot.

And we do lots of hanging out at home, which is great. We love spending time with him. He's the sweetest.
Little Man slept last night for the first time ever in his crib in his room. At 9 weeks, I suppose he's old enough, and it was a very successful experiment. He had his longest stretch yet between feedings: 9:30 pm to 7 am. Even though it took him an hour to fall asleep, he did fall asleep and stay asleep in there. Awesome. The previous night he wouldn't fall asleep until 2:30 something needed to change!

And, we're going to Tyler this weekend: 1) to visit Casey's grandmother so she can meet Indy, 2) because I really want to get out of town! We're staying at a B&B, so it promises to be a nice, relaxing weekend. It's the first long car ride for Indiana, so hopefully he'll be chill like he usually is in the car. He has been more fussy the last several weeks then he was his first six weeks, but generally, he's very happy and laid back. I'm thankful for that and for all the fun we've been having.


Marci said...

Well you've been busy! Love the nekked pic in the is so hot out for our littles!!!

Good to see you today at Moms Group...sorry for all the "toddler talk!"

bradnkelli said...

We loved Baby Bounce and Bookmarks! Unfortunately, the Ft. Worth libraries don't have a program for babies. We now go to a music class called Music Together which is excellent. I laughed at the BOB comment!