Friday, July 1, 2011

Trip to Tyler

Last weekend, we went out of town for the first time since before Indy was born. Woo woo! I worried that Indy would have a hard time being in the car that long, but he slept the whole drive and was very mellow the entire trip. So thankful.

We stayed in a B&B outside of Tyler and had a really good time. The B&B is on a beautiful estate with a big main house, but we stayed in a little cabin to ourselves, and it was pretty homey. Both nights we relaxed, watched movies and played cards. It was fun.Casey took Indy for his first swim in the pool there. It was really sweet seeing Indy floating through the water with his daddy. I wish I had a picture, but it was too dark. :( Another time.

Saturday, Casey wanted to get a swim workout in, so we went into Tyler, and while Casey swam, Indy and I walked around the Rose Garden. I love flowers, especially roses. It is past peak season, but there were still lots of beautiful blooms, and it was so fragrant. It was lovely to literally stop and smell the roses. :-)
Indiana slept the entire time. No smelling roses for him.
We got to see Casey's grandmother and have her meet Indiana for the first time. It was a really sweet visit; I wish she lived closer! But I enjoyed the time we had.
On a side note, we discovered a song that Indy finds very soothing. It's calmed him down several times and actually put him completely to sleep yesterday evening. Hopefully it isn't an indicator of his future musical preferences. But at this point in time, if it calms a fussy baby, then it's all good. Indy's not super-fussy in general, but I think every baby has their moments.

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