Saturday, July 2, 2011

House Update

I have been derelict in posting about the house progress, certainly because it finally is making progress! We got unofficial word that the plans had been approved by the city the day after Indiana was born (so, 11 wks ago), and slowly and surely since that, things have been happening.Leveling and framing the foundation.
Several weeks later...a giant pile of dirt! And an electric hook-up. (Baby-steps, people!)

Trenching to lay piers for the foundation. 30 sixteen foot piers! This house is going to be bolted to the ground.
Now the plumbing has been laid, capped and covered, and next week they'll pour the foundation.

It would have been this week...but the city of UP decided to stick their fat face in it and delay stuff for no reason. Well, their complaint is our foundation is a foot higher than the average height of our two neighbors' foundation. Um, whatever! Cosmetic issue, yes? And the foundation is engineered that way to avoid drainage problems...which UP is also super-fussy about, but anyway, they green-tagged the foundation, again. I'm hoping to see vertical progress soon.

The builder says they'll be done in probably November or December in real-time. Here's what the front will look like, mostly. Red brick with white accents. I'm looking forward to my new kitchen. :-)

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Brandon said...

october is pretty realistic unless you get a bunch of rain delays. once they pour the slab, they'll have it framed within a week. it will go fast.