Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Indy Update

Sweet Pea was 3 months last Monday, which he celebrated by...being really fussy. A few calm moments in the baby carrier at Kroger. Earlier that day, he had a major meltdown at Casey's office. Wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, etc. Riding in the car finally got him to chill out. The swing helped too. He really likes motion and white noise. Later, he snacked on some delicious fingers, happy as a clam. I've heard that many babies are fussy in the evening, but Indy's getting the mid-day fussies. He did it yesterday, too. I think he's developing a need for a morning nap, and I like to go out in the mornings, preventing a good nap. I hope it will be better for him when I go back to work and my mom comes to watch him. She came over earlier today to stay with him while I did some work at Casey's office. He slept almost two solid hours in this afternoon. Awesome. Happy baby & much happier mommy.

But I think the fussiness is helping me get more ready to go back to work! Teaching is easier than calming a screaming baby any day. A few nights ago, though, I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about him when I go back to work. It's natural to worry about your children, but today it was really good to see my mom take such good care of him. He'll be in good hands.

He plays with toys now. So cute.
I have gone overboard with the rings and toys on his play mat, and everything has rings on it. He'll play and fall asleep with rings still in his hand. I was looking at pictures of him when he was smaller...and he was really sweet and darling when he was that tiny, but he's STILL sweet, and now he's even more fun. I love his smiles. And I think he's even had a few giggles.
He was a cool dude at the Bastille Day celebration at the Bishop Art's District.

I love him.

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